Comodo should do what Mamutu does -- community based whitelist

Mamutu has application rules from the community for users to access. You can apply this to Comodo and say “Should this application be sandboxed?” have it query the community-based data and then, based on a percentage of the community’s decisions, sandbox or not sandbox a file.

This would reduce noise without reducing security.

I hope this is the right place to put this. And, to be clear, I’m speaking specifically about Defense+ and maybe the Firewall too.

edit: Could a moderator add a “Yes/No” poll?

this should be in the CIS wishlist but im sure a mod will move it. i think its a good idea. it could also bring back threatcast just modified. there should be some kind of rating system for the users that add there input so we dont have people polluting the decisions

Perhaps long-term forum members could be considered “+5/-5” in terms of reputation whereas standard users are “+1/-1” ? Who knows?

I think when people hear “HIPS” they think “tons of user interaction and noise” but whitelisting is the best way to remove that noise. Unfortunately there are millions of applications out there and Comodo’s team can’t get them all. The only feasible way to increase the whitelist significantly is to open the project up to the public.

And thanks, I’ll keep the wishlist in mind next time I must have missed it.

I’m definitely not a fan of community based decision making. I don’t use WOT for this very reason. All too often, people are making choices based on inaccurate data, or just the simple fact that they don’t know what they’re actually seeing.

WOT is flawed. It’s based on NOTHING other than community rep. This would not be the case for Comodo’s Community Rep.

Comodo’s would be purely compensatory – and it would be configurable ie: if >X% says block, block - where x is user defined. This means you can have very strict rules, such as “if 99% of the community allows this item, allow this item on my machine” where you would have to have a serious number of users making mistakes.

Giving longterm users, premium users, forum members, etc, “weighted” votes would also help the reputation as well as putting a “cap” ie: if only 4 users have “voted” than it doesn’t go by rep.

Again, this would be compensatory, opt-in, and only for unknown applications. It seems to work well for Mamutu.


this will help to further reduce the number of unknown applications. Comodo has a whitelist and blacklist which helps a lot but there will always be applications that are unknown and this will help reduce that number even more.

Please bring back threatcast and add something like this.

I agree to your opinion. I also post this to my suggestions list. Please comment in this topic.