Comodo should be able to run in safe mode?

When you cant run normal mode to easily shouldnt comodo add a scanner to run in safe mode like malware bytes?

Let’s see if CIS v4 will let us do this…


I find this disturbing also… in safe mode I can not get stuff that are quarantined out of quarantine… So if some kind of system file gets quarantined you are ■■■■■■■!

well you are not totaly ■■■■■■■, you could boot in safe mode and uninstall Comodo or any other security program with the same problem :slight_smile:

A Safe Mode scan is a must. let’s hope comodo able this option soon.

do the files that are quarentined get back than?..hmmm… I don’t think so… :wink:

Ya, they just get deleted then, AFAIK.

Yes this is something that all security software should be able to do it is a necessity to have safe mode compatibility hopefully they will incorporate it in v4.0

You can launch cfp.exe (GUI) in safe mode and extract False Positives it still works!

As for a scan in safe mode, you can with the right know how. If you install CIS in safe mode you can do a scan with the same executable that scans when CIS is fully operational! So there must be a way to make it scan the disks!