comodo setup

I have a question for Comodo software engineering team: :THNK

Tell me why two questions appear during the setup of your free malware tool and those two questions demand two different answers, and only one answer is allowed. Consider it:

" Have you ever already uninstalled any previous versions of BOClean or this is your first time installing COMODO BOClean? "

What to do - to answer the first question or the second one? these questions interfere, so try to fix it. This is a bug (:NRD) Since I discovered it, probably I`m the first one, you should hire me as a “GRUMBLER THE RAMBLER” or something else lol (:NRD)

And I hope you will give everything else for free one day. Really free. Internet should be free, programs should be free. Why not - its just a software, needed to handle our expensive hardware. In this way, we pay everything: machines, entering the Network, downloading, uploading, programs. Every step - new taxation. Im (:AGY) sick of it.

So I encourage you now to continue and develop free software. (:AGL)
Truly yours, Branko

And we will continue Developing free software! So have you seen our free Comodo Memory Firewall?