Comodo setup question


I am a new user of the Comodo firewall, makinf the switch from ZA. I have a question regarding the setup.

Comodo is being used as a secondary protection as I have a wireless router with SPI as the first line of defence.

(1) Do I need to run Comodo or is the Router’s firewall enough protection?

(2) On Comodo, are the default settings enough protection?

Should I check any other options. I noticed the following are not checked. “Do Packet Checksum Verification & Monitor other NDIS protocols than TCP/IP” should I enable them. Also should I check or uncheck the loopback options.

Thanks for your help.

Welcome to the forum, buffdaddy.

I would recommend CFP, namely because it’s famous for having the strongest leak protection. Routers don’t have such outbound protection, only inbound. CFP is SPI as well.

Default settings are strong enough for most users. I personally even lessened the security settings from the default and am fine.

For more info on Packet Checksum Verification, visit my FAQ link in my sig:

[b]Packet Checksum Verification[/b],2305.0.html

The NDIS protocols… option is something I’m not sure of. According to the help file:

This will force Comodo Firewall Pro to capture the packets belonging to any other protocol diver than TCP/IP. Trojans can use their own protocol driver to send/receive packets. This option is useful to catch such attempts. This option is disabled by default: because it can reduce system performance and may be incompatible with some protocol drivers.

I’ve never had any problems by leaving those 2 options disabled. If anything, as per the help info it’s to reduce performance loads. I guess for the paranoid these would fit their liking.

Thanks Soya:

I check everything to see if it would hinder performance, NOD32 was very slow to start up, so I un-checked “Block all outgoing connections while booting” I rebooted and NOD32 started up fine.

I think I will reset to default. Between the router firewall and the default settings of Comodo, plus NOD32. I think the protection should be fine.

What do you think.

Thanks again.

NOD32 is a fine, solid AV with the highest compatibility of them all, but it doesn’t cover spyware as much as others. You can consider CBAM as a supplement to NOD32:

Well, it really depends on your needs, usage habits, experience, etc.