Comodo settings for Large UDP packet transfer


is there a rule or settings or suggestion for a UDP connections for a Large packet transfer without getting blocked by comodo?
i already try most of all ignore rule, but none of those work. the UDP packet transfer still being blocked.
It is OK if packet size <=1024bytes, but if more than that comodo block the transfer(eg:16384bytes packet size).


your getting caught by the DON’T FRAGMENT RULE – highly suggest you leave this alone
as packet reassembly is known to be buggy and a means to force a stack overflow and
quickly leads to trogans and virus installs. CAVEAT EMPTOR!

If you want to be able to do what you want I suggest you
ignore the above advice and ALLOW fragmented packets .
Viruses and “trogans” DON"T install themselves through some kind of magic,
unlike what some “security-experts” want you to believe .
In order for that to happen via exploits there has to be an application with
an exploitable bug listening on the port .
Most viruses and trojans are in fact installed by the user himself .