Comodo setting to enable youtube download

In the past I didn’t have problem downloading video from youtube using Free Download Manager with CIS installed.
Now I can’t!
I don’t know what’s wrong , is it the youtube, is it the free download manager or something in CIS prevent me downloading video from youtube.
When I looked at the free download manager web, I didn’t see any hint, so I assume that it should capable downloading the video from youtube.
Any body can help?
I use Windows-7, but I observed this issue start when I used XP
No issue when downloading common file like pdf or jpg etc.
Should I change the setting in firewall for firefox to browser rather than custom?
(Custom setting: Allow IP Out From IP Any To IP Any Where Protocol Is Any)

Best REgards.
Windows-7 Home Premium 64 bit
Intel Core2Duo E6750
Free Download Manager v 3 build 848
CIS 3.12…560

hi fhkh,

Fastest way to rule out CIS firewall would be to disable it temporarily during the test.
If it still fails it’s not the firewall’s fault.

My guess would be that youtube changed something to “prevent” these download tools from scraping…
Or an other add-on in Firefox is causing issues.

You can set them to disabled and see if that helps.

Disable CIS is not help, the cmdagent is still active even you disable/ exit from CIS.

Probably right that the issue is on youtube itself…anybody can confirm it?

Best REgards.


I tried with YouTube Downloader HD, and it could not download the two videos I tried. Not long ago, it could. :-\

But you don’t need a “downloader”. When you watch a video, it is downloaded to your browser’s cache/temp folder. Just open that folder, and move and rename the video file. :wink:

And just for the record you can still use a Greasemonkey script called YouTube Enhancer (Dance Party).

It doesn’t matter if cmdagent is still running. If you’ve disabled the firewall, it’s disabled. Unless you feel that exiting the GUI has disabled the firewall, which in that situation all you’ve done is exited the GUI. Your system is still protected in this situation.


let us know if CIS/cmdagent still Rocks. Hehehehehe!!!

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