COMODO Setting reset after update

Hi there,

I thought I’d take the time to register in order to make a suggestion for Comodo. For the last year I have been recommending Comodo to my friends and family as well as anyone who asks me to take a look at their PC. Unfortunately every time Comodo updates it doesn’t carry the previous settings, specifically the option to allow Comodo to start up upon windows startup.

Although it’s as easy as 1 2 3 to re set the option to start up automatically, it seems difficult for new users and PC owners who do not realize that Comodo is no longer automatically starting up, leading to more Mal-ware and security problems.

If it is possible to allow this setting to be carried on after updates, I’d love to see it implemented in the next patch.

If not I will continue to love Comodo for offering an easy to use free service that everyone should use and enjoy for themselves. Keep up the good work ;D

Why not just make automatic restart the defaut mode, and during installation the could uncheck that box if for some strange reason they did not want it run at startup.