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I was looking on some hack forums how they destory av’s, and shut them down. Pretty interesting how they do it and stuff. I tested a few and comodo survived them. He even survived Satan’s AV killer 4.0. when 4.0 is executed it terminates all processes, except the vital one’s so the pc doensn’t crash. I tested it against a few av’s and they all got terminated, couden’t restart them either. 4.0 also deletes important files from the av’s. I ran 4.0 against comodo, and it gave a defense + alert. I pushed allow, just to see what would happen. All my procceses where killed, except comodo ;D Awesome self protection, great work comodo team ;D



Any link to this testing forum? :a0 :slight_smile:

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Have you thought about joining the Computer Security Testing Group?

that would be awesome, yea i would like to join for sure :-TU
I have also seen that there is a Malware Research Group. I got alot of malware, and testing new one’s frequently. I will ask Melih if i may join

I’d say it’s because they don’t even target Comodo yet. That doesn’t mean self-defense is strong, Comodo just isn’t attacked specifically. I’m sure they’ll target it eventually.

Always so pessimist… Cheer up guy! :wink: (For here).

I’m not pesimistic, i’m just realistic. avast! was not targeted for a long time either, same for AntiVir.
But now they are both targeted.

It’s true that if COMODO becomes the prime target of who knows, it will be breached.

All the same, as long as many users believe in COMODO, and report the incident (if it ever happens) as soon as possible, then even the slightest threat could immediately be resolved.

If I understood it right from the link provided from webbie146 This product will target EVERYTHING, avira, avast, comodo, ANYTHING… And is not product specific… :smiley: :slight_smile:

Actual quote from the site:

Version 4.0 uses a Whole New Method of killing, and instead of destroying each av and security individually, This av killer wipes out EVERYTHING It Possibly Can EXCEPT the core things needed to run the system.....

THUS making it 100000% times more effective…

jup, this isin’t just like: it can take down like avira and norton. This one will take everything down, so comodo did great :slight_smile:

Comodo does have strong protection,it resists everything that APT throws at it.Ok at some stage a specifically tailored attack may take down D+ but that doesn’t lessen it’s general protection level.All that’d mean is you’d have a fraction of a % chance of encountering a D+ killer.

+1 - it’s an unfortunate side effect of popularity - new security software gets popular and, in the beginning, it’s not targetted - as soon as its popular enough and has attracted a critical userbase, it gets targetted. An unfortunate consequence.

Q. What’s the difference between a pessimist, an optimist and a realist?

A. A pessimist says “my glass is half empty”, an optimist says “my glass is half full” and a realist says “I suppose you two expect me to do the dishes”. :wink:

Ewen :slight_smile:

I just have to say LOL to that panic!