COMODO - self promotion.

I am a converted user of both the firewall and the AV prg. I am really impressed with the firewall but have a couple of issues with the AV. My email client is Incredimail and I have Junkfilter from IM also.
For some reason this prompts Comodo AV into reporting that a “mass mailing” is happening every time I send an email.
My previous virus scanner (NOD32) never seemed to have any problems… And…it is relevant to NOD 32 that my self promotion idea applies… NOD32 adds to both incoming and outgoing mail that the mail has been scanned etc by NOD32 this is both a comfort to sender/receivers but it is also promoting the product as it also includes the URL… Is there any reason why Comodo could not do the same ?
Do other users of Comodo AV think its a good idea ?

Inbound and outbound certification can be switched on by opening CAVS2, clicking on SETTINGS - EMAIL SCAN - ADVANCED.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Many thanks Ewen !! much appreciated. I will will that a whirl .