Comodo seems to block services before log in. (any solution?)

Hi all,
I have a few services running in my home PC, like VNC and FTP, in order to have access to my computer/ files from the university lab. I have set the rules to allow connection. Nevertheless, I can only access the services remotely after I have logged in to my PC!

Usually, this is not a problem, but there are cases where I am away for some time and that I need to remotely restart my PC (or it may restart on its own due to some crash, or power failure). If this happens, there is no way to gain access to my PC any more. :’(

I believe that the problem is caused by the “Incoming defence” being active during boot.
Is there any way to bypass this problem?

Any suggestions are highly appreciated.


similar problem here:

plain win XP Pro acting as a file server for 5-6 people in the office.

If I logoff after some time (not immediately!) shares are inacessible - nothing in Comodo log.

Log again - everything OK

Temporary solution for me is to log on and lock it (PC is on big UPS so it won’t boot&lock shares again)
but as I see no answer to your question seems permanent solution will be comodo uninstall