Comodo Security Suite Updates quite often

Can I change the settings in the Comodo Security Suite to change the frequency of the updates?

Not easily.

If you go to the AV scanner settings, you can uncheck Automatically update virus database before scanning under the Real Time Scanning settings. This is the setting that tells it to update every 30 minutes.

Leave Automatically update checked in the Manual and Scheduled Scanning settings.

Now you can either leave it alone and it will update before running your weekly (or whenever) scan or if you do a right-click scan of a file.

If you want the database to update more frequently, say daily. You can set up a dummy scan profile. Create a profile that only scans a .txt file or something small so the scan is more or less instant. Then create a scheduled scan to run this profile when you want the database update to happen.

I have noticed in the past week that Comodo is updating the virus database every FIVE MINUTES!! I checked under Firewall>Active Connections when it occurs and it shows it is tge cmfagent.exe doing it. Earlier today I changed the Automatic Updates to Manual, I also changed to Real Time Scanning, yet still every 5 minutes the balloon shows in the systray that Comodo is updating the virus database.

HOW do I get it to stop doing this?? WHY is it doing this??



I don’t know that it’s technically possible for the program to check for every updates every 5 minutes. It’s a hard-coded update time frame.

Aside from that, I’m not sure I understand what you posted. Did you say you disabled check for updates in the real time scanner settings, or you enabled it? When it’s disabled, it shouldn’t be checking.