Comodo Security Solutions

For the past several months this message has been popping up asking to make changes to my computer. It said Comodo Security Solutions, and asked yes or no at the bottom. I’ve clicked No every time because I didn’t want this. I have everything I need for my security and I was just fine with Comodo Dragon the way it was.

Well yesterday my sister was playing a game and the message popped up again (it did it every ten minutes which by the way infuriated me), and she clicked yes, and I agree when the confirmation came up. She’s 4. She was trying to “help” but had no real clue what she was doing.

Ever since that download, Comodo has been running SLOW, and it’s bugging everything. I can no longer play any of my Facebook Games, or any other site that has a game or video because it is entirely too glitchy and slow. I was angry with Comodo services before with that message popping up, but now I am downright LOATHING Comodo Dragon for the fact that it has effectively eliminated almost every single thing I do on the internet.

Is there any way to undo this, or was it an update that I’m now stuck with? Most of the websites I play on I’ve been on for years, and I don’t know my information anymore because it’s put into Comodo. If I’m stuck with this I’m removing Comodo and not going back. So if there IS a way to fix this, please help. I really don’t want to lose everything I love to do on the internet. Anyone have assistance?