Comodo Security Products - Round 1

I’ve finished my testing of your firewall, antivirus, antispam and iVault and am fairly impressed with what you’ve accomplished. I’d really like to move my machines and the machines of the people I support onto these security products but have found that there are too many problems which would totally frazzel my hunt-and-peck people. Please keep up the great work and I will be returning in about 6 months for another taste. One of the major problem area’s is when you run as a “Limited” user instead of an “admin” user. One of Windows XP’s best defenses against malware is the ability to run as a Limited user. I know there are ways of obtaining admin priv’s but very few virus’ or trojans have that ability so they fail when they get access denied to system folders.
On another note, I read part of your forum regarding what to do to raise money and one thing seemed to be lacking, although I admit I didn’t read them all. Have you given any consideration to offering a paid for support service to those who want fast answers to questions. At work when we need answers to our security questions, we get them right away because we sign up for and pay for premium support. For the great majority of your happy at home customers, you would continue to supply answers to questions via the forums.

Keep up the good work.