Comodo security pro 2013 include web tracking beacon detector

I would like to see a small alert notice with an alert that a website or page is sending a small o gif web beacon to track the viewer. Another firewall competitor has this and I love that I can watch them watching me and know I am protected against the evil lurking on the web.

This alert should open a small 50% transparent notice window that slides up from the bottom right of the screen alerting the user a web beacon o gif has been located and in the place of that web beacon o gif the security program will block it and place either a gif image of a green evil droid gif in place of the web beacon or simply block the o gif image and show a red X in place of the o gif image.

Alot of websites send these little buggers to the user pc and track them when they are on the website. Comodo security 2013 should block them and alert the user, a web beacon was just detected and blocked and further show the user where on the page it was blocked from by either the evil smiley gif or a red X

Comodo has been working on a browser extension to deal with trackers such as this called PrivAlert.

It was released with Comodo Dragon, but was removed from subsequent releases because it wasn’t as stable as Comodo wanted it to be. We haven’t heard when it will be back.

Allow me to further make a statement on this web bug beacon tracker technology. The software that alerted me to this was zonealarm pro I purchased back in 06.

I was a frequent visitor to a website with a large following and when I logged in I couldn’t help but notice strange browser behaviors going on. That website than tried to download a software to my pc which just happened to be a brand new quad core pc with vista. I than bought the paid version of za and to my shock, found they had a zero gif web beacon on me when I logged in.

ZA showed me all the others, which was many, but not all members who logged in to that site, that had web beacons on them.

I started a thread about this and the owners came on saying I was violating the tos for their ads. This zero gif was no ad and tracked me only when logged in and to every page I clicked on their site. I checked other logged in users and some had the tracking beacon on their profile and a lot of them did not. Why was I and so many others being tracked.

I stopped going to that site since my browser would do strange things when logged in

Something like this?