Comodo Security - People's choice! "People's Security for People"

Its good to see that we are able to help secure many users!

We want everyone to be secure!


Congratulations (:CLP)
I believe this is exactly what Comodo aim for. Keep up the excellent work, you are going straight to the very top! (already there at least with cpf 2.4)


The future will be look wonderful!

CFP 3.0 final, CAV 3.0 final, BOClean 5.0!

All this components will be a super prevention system!!



Looks nice, else than more than 100% have voted, and how can that be possible? :o
It looks like 250% total votes, lol. Think I’m not used to that kind of poll system.
Anyways it’s good Comodo soon rule the market, so we can take over the world soon (L)


Hm? What’s that? It smells like ScomodoTM may be on the loose again soon…


Oh no, no the evil, powerful Scomodo Outcorporation, time to put on sunglasses (:KWL)