COMODO Security for Android

i created this thread for open discussion of CIS for android. Feel free to ask about questions regarding CIS for android here.

does anyone know if it will have anti theft or def+

It won’t be CIS - it will be security software: AV and other that kind of stuff.
No, it won’t have D+ (HIPS)

Shame as this is what I was looking forward too the most. Still, it’s good news to hear that something is being developed on this platform.


I think, that if there will be firewall, which will ask for each app if it can access to the internet and something for controlling autostart entries, then it will be a “must have” application for all android users who don´t like when the phone is doing everything on its own without the permission of its user. :wink:

i figured it wouldn’t be called cis but i didn’t know what the name of the mobile security app would be called and didn’t think to call it anything more fitting like comodo mobile security. i figured it wouldn’t have def+ but i just wanted to ask just in case. do you know if it will have at least a behavior blocker or sandbox or at least anti theft of some kind

??? :-La