Comodo Security Agent still failing to start at random boot ups.

OK, I know comodo can’t take care of every AV out there. But you would think taking care of one of the bigger ones like Avast would have been on the list. Maybe it’s not avast, maybe it is thats causing the problem. But after opening a ticket. I was told to remove other AV software & use comodo’s. Which really just amplifies my belief that comodo have deliberately caused conflicts with other AV software so they ditch them in favour of Comodo’s. Which is far inferior to others if you ask me.

It’s comodo’s responsibility when they release a version, to make it compatible with current versions of AV people are most likely to use. It’s not avast or any other software’s job to make their current version that is perfectly working fine, compatible with a new version of a competitor. I actually believe there’s a rift going on with comodo & other competitors. Because comodo refuse to view this as a problem & put the blame on the user. But when Comodo security agent fails to load. You have no internet.

I run win 10 & this problem seems to be specific to windows 10. Because I have a machine running windows 7 & 8 with avast & comodo & they run without any problem what so ever.

I like the combination of Avast & Comodo fw. They work brilliantly well together to keep my systems secure. Even tried to intentionally infect a test system with these security software on them & it stopped them all completely before any harm was done.

So, anyone got any solutions? Is this a Avast, Comodo conflict or is it a problem with dwm.exe not fully loading before comodo loads, which means we need to slow down comodo loading. But how? I don’t know of any free software that does this & works.

No sry

Haven’t had any conflict when i used Avast + CF, but that was some years ago.
My mother are using Avast Free and Cruel Comodo Firewall (CruelSister config) without any problem for maybe 1.5 year.