Comodo Security Agent fails to start after Avid Mediacomposer installation

After I have installed Avid Mediacomposer (

I always get this message durign the boot.

If I launch the diagnostic process, it say that none has been detected.

Please provide direct link.


You can download a trial for your test here

Exact OS version and arch. type (x86/32-bit or x86_64/64-bit)? Do you have the proactive configuration set as the active configuration? And can you attach the diagnostic report? Thanks

As said if I run diagnostic tool, nothin happens.
I have not Proactive Security configuration, just Internet security

Windows7 pro x64

I have to launch Comodo Security as manually.

At last I could create a report.
How can I email it as private?
(I don’t know if there are privacy info).

[attachment deleted by admin]

Can not reproduce, can you see if you still experience this issue with the newest Thanks.

Can you check with CIS 10 beta? Thanks.

Please check with Comodo Internet Security V10.0.0.6071 Beta thanks.