Comodo Security Agent Could Not Be Started

I realize this topic has been started elsewhere but I thought my issue might be helpful to the developers of CIS.

What happened was, the program was downloading the daily updates and it seemed to stall on the " downloading recognizers" . After a ½ hour I quit the program
and restated the machine. The task bar icon never came on and eventually the message that is the subject ABOVE was displayed. I rebooted several times but no luck
in clearing the error. In task manager, both cis and cmdagent were running, but no task bar icon and status shield that is displayed in the upper right hand corner

I ended up uninstalling the program and I want to thank Comodo for at least making the uninstall routine clean and thorough.


Yesterday (unrelated to this issue) I decided that I wanted to install a different antivirus program (too many false positives for my taste).

I uninstalled CIS (as I had done many times before while trying to correct the ‘security agent problem’) and installed the new AV program. I am totally happy with Comodo Firewall, so I installed just CFW.

Guess what, since then nothing but clean reboots and no annoying “SECURITY AGENT COULD NOT BE STARED” message!!!

So it seems to me that the problem is either in Comodo AV, or in the complete CIS suite.

Hope this info helps.