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Noticed CSS no longer works. Win 10 says it is incompatible with Win 10 memory. When/if will it be fixed? Using I9 with Intel FIXED memory bugs.

I reverted all caps title to normal case. Eric

Works fine with all my systems and most users here . . . what is the problem?

Thanks for your reply. Problem is that Win 10 gives an error message that CSS is not compatible with Win 10 memory and will not allow it to load on my I9 Intell memory patched Win 10 pro system. Just got the I9 Intell memory patched processor, just released 10/18 (first and only processors that block memory exploits) and that is the only system that CSS is blocked from loading on because it is NOT COMPATIBLE with Win 10 memory.

CSS is no longer offered for download and customer help says it can not be downloaded anymore. When/if will CSS be fixed?

Comodo is working on an RS5 compatible release of CIS. Let’s wait for that to be released and see if CSS gets fixed with this release.

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