Comodo secures a scam page ?!

There are plenty of emails sent these days with those “work at home” scams.

They are sent from legitimate email address of many users that got their account compromised (I don’t know how).

To my astonishment, clicking there and following their registration procedure, I get to a secured https webpage for web purchases.
And… that page is secured by Comodo (see attachement).

How can this be possible?

This is the email and the web address from which to start:

Hey it is a virtually unheard of idea to gain your economic fortune hxxp:// see you soon

The secured billing website is:

[attachment deleted by admin]

certificate seems to be valid ;D

actually they are validating that the payment system for is secure not what you are buying.

like digital river, you use that to buy things like kaspersky licenses, and other things. They secure the payment site not what you are buying.