Comodo SecureDNS options in the GUI.

We have the option during install to enable Comodo SecureDNS as shown in the screenshot, but to disable it we have to do it manually by following the instructions found here and usually select Obtain DNS server address automatically to return to default settings.

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This would be a great addition to the advanced options of Comodo Firewall/CIS.

I don’t agree that the advanced options is the best place for this. The reason is because my definition of an advanced user would either a) Know where to change it, or b) Gather the information of where to change it in a very short time. And as I see it, most people who aren’t advanced users generally keep out of there unless they like to explore, so the average user might never see it. However if you put it in a general setting where the average user could find it, of course along with a description of what it does and what it implies for example loss of protection etc, then it might actually come to greater use for a broader amount of people.

Off topic: The only reason I do not use SecureDNS is because of the huge latency compared to the DNS provided by my ISP. It might be because I live in Sweden and I’d assume the servers are based in the USA.

so far i know, the servers are based in europe too. One of them is here in germany, in Frankfurt. So far i know… someone can correct me if i am wrong.

see: DNS by COMODO - YouTube


Perhaps, I still experienced feeble performance when using SecureDNS, often pages would take more than twice as long to load than with the DNS from my ISP and on top of that I lost connection to the DNS at random intervals. But then again I haven’t tried SecureDNS in a few months so I don’t know if they’ve got their **** together in my region or not ^-^‘’ However I don’t think we should talk about this in this thread since it’s off topic, mods might not approve.

After thinking about it again I agree with you. I don’t think it’s an option that needs to be hidden in the Advanced Settings. :-TU