COMODO SecureDNS "Malware Site Blocking" feature is live now!

Hello everyone,

As promised, we have now activated malware domain filtering feature to our COMODO SecureDNS service.

What does this mean?

This means while browsing the internet, if you are about to browse a known malware site, SecureDNS will inform you before proceeding.

For more information about how to use COMODO SecureDNS, please visit Free Comodo Secure DNS | Best DNS Security Solution 2022



I live in France, should I use the other set of address?

Preferred DNS :
Alternate DNS :

Is there a difference?

Yes. You can use .25. It is for non-english countries and has the same features.

Does it mean we should have, for example, french warnings?
Does it depend on the OS language, browser, IP?

Excellent work guys!

Yet another ■■■■ at malware! Stop them at DNS level!!!


Yay! It’s great! Use Comodo DNS server! More Secure!

It is more related to server response time than language. .25 is optimized to answer you faster. Thats all. right now, messages are still english.

ok, thanks :slight_smile:

this puts comodo dns in a league with only two others, Norton DNS and Clearcloud DNS. I hope Comodo really takes advantage of DNS blocking becasue that is the only true way to stop malware from even making it to your computer( if you can’t even get to the page).

Thanks alot comodo now browsing is more secure~:)

1.Unexpectedly effective against fake scann pages
2.No, visible, difference in speed from the ISP DNS
3.Looks great

Exactly what was missing in CIS 5. Thanks :-TU :-TU :-TU

I’ve been waiting for this :-TU

Thank you Melih and the other Admains and the moderators they help make the product better for doing this! Can’t wait for the best detection ever!

I think once this service matures a little more, it should be automatically checked in the installer to change your dns servers. Not like it is now where you have to opt in. Norton does this too, they automatically change your dns servers to norton DNS and it blocks a ton of malware like that now.


Congratulations with instating it. (:CLP)

also! +1

I have 2 questions.

Will it slow down my internet connection?

Because of some strange limitations of cable internet in my country i need to connect to internet using vpn L2TP dialer. Last time when i chose comodo dns (i think it was with one of 3.0 builds) i could not connect to internet at all and had to uninstall Comodo. Will it happen again now again if i choose Comodo DNS?

Can i submit bad sites? i’ve got some bunch of bad sites.

How about a Norton v Clearcloud v Comodo dns video face-off ?