Comodo Secure Shopping with Comodo Firewall

I only use the Comodo firewall. I would like to use Comodo Secure Shopping.
Is it not possible to install it if only the firewall is used?

you have to install the full suite, then remove the av component.
l8ke this you can have the firewall with secure shopping

No it does not work. It is imperative that the antivirus is present. It’s a shame. :-TD

you can install CIS, uninstall it but keep Secure Shopping, then install CF, or you can go to Program and Features and change the program to COMODO Firewall.
There won’t be popup alerts for Secure Shopping, but it seems to work when you manually run it by finding it’s executable in x86 program files I believe.

Comodo Secure Schoping no longer appears in the interface of COMODO Internet Security, but it is possible to launch it using the program “vdcss” found in C: / Program Files X86 / Comodo / Comodo Secure Schopping / vdcss .
I do not know where Setup downloads before it starts.

The Secure Shopping and other COMODO components download in C:/ProgramData/Comodo Downloader.

Ok thank you.