comodo secure shopping not working after upgrade to win10 2004

After upgrade to win10 2004, secure shopping is not working any more.
I can run the program and see the tray icon but cannot enter the secured desktop.
Is css compatible to Win10 2004?

Yes it is. I don’t normally use it, but it runs just fine here and on several other users with the 2004 update

Yup works just fine on my system and I’m on win 10 home ver 2004 os build 19041.423.

You need to re-install as both CIS and CSS work with the latest windows 10 version.

I had reinstall css but it did not help. Still cannot switch to secure shopping desktop.
I disable secure shopping desktop in the setting, and now can open IE with CSS but not firefox.
I install IceDragon, and it can be open with css. However, still cannot switch to secure shopping desktop

As VirtualBox is also not working well in Win10 2004, I Fall back to 1909 and css is now working as before again.

Do you happen to have memory integrity enabled under core isolation windows security settings?

I’m not sure in 2004. Is it enabled by default on 2004?
It is disabled on my current 1909.

It is enabled by default on fresh installations from I think starting with version 1903, if you do an in place upgrade, it should keep the previous setting but sometimes settings get overridden on upgrades.

Just tried to enable it on 1909 but failed. A warning said my device is not compatible to the feature.
By the way, my PC is still using the old i5-4690S.

Hi folks,

I’m an absolute newbee here and I have the same problem. since WIN 10 2004 secure shopping justs starts for a short time and then ends/crashes without any message or error :-TD :frowning: