Comodo Secure Shopping is not free!!!

Source of your info?

by the way,where is “comodo secure shopping”? i have never seen this product at comodo websites.
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It is part of the upcoming version of CIS v9 of which an alpha build had leaked last fall. Wait for the beta of v9, that will arrive this quarter, and see.

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I would like to clarify this topic about Secure Shopping.

Secure Shopping is not Virtual Desktop, it is not a sandboxed environment. Secure Shopping provides a secure environment for users to browse websites, shopping, pay online and make secure money transactions. It protects you from keyloggers, ssl sniffing, man in the middle attacks and protects your account informations.

This unique service is planned to be placed in CIS Pro and Complete products, please note that you will have the 30 days trial option to use this service ! If there would be any change on the plans about this feature, we will inform you accordingly.

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If it will be there in the paid version, hope it will not be there bloating the free version.

Will you install Comodo certificates to protect HTTPS sites like some others do?


Secure Shopping does not require Comodo certificate install to protect https sites. Secure Shopping protects https in a different way – ssl sniffing protection.

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I don’t know where some people get the idea that anyone owes them anything. You get the excellent CIS for free, so be thankful.