Comodo Secure Shopping is not free!!!

Melih,why Comodo Secure Shopping is not free?
You promised that is will be free!!!

Melih,why Comodo Secure Shopping is not free?
You promised that is will be free!!!

So, even Comodo started doing this… oh well…

Where and when did he promise that?

Just want to test the new function ;D
What are the strengths and weaknesses?

You will have to wait for the beta to arrive. It has been promised for the first quarter of 2016.

CIS will always be free. The paid versions always had extra services for which the customer has to pay. It’s nothing new.

Some functions of CIS PRO/COMPLETE are already paid but you are not forced to pay and use them. You have still free CIS premium.

So you want to tell me that Comodo Desktop (I guess that its name changes to Comodo Secure Shopping) is going to be paid version only?

We will always provide protection to protect you for free.
Additional services we might charge for.

So secure shopping will be additional service?

I think we can understand the hint… too sad…

I dont care for this feature to be free or paid as long as cis 9 comes with the new gui used on ccav, lighter than cis 8 and with sandboxing asking us if we want to run isolated, trust or block any file, just like ccav does. Add the purge button to any list on cis 9 and voila!!! No need for secure shopping, atleast for me its not an good feature as cis will block everything not trusted, and the only way hackers can have my bank informations is to hack the internet bank server, run somekind of code on my machine or hack my machine. The first case its not our problem and there is nothing we can do about it. The second and 3rd we have CIS to protect us. so, why botter about secure shopping? I guess its just another feature that will increase ram and cpu usage by cis in exchange of nothing too good for us as users.

I don’t know where you read that.

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also if it was not true why no one says “no, it will be free”…

Liron, thank you for the link.

It does not state it that Secure Shopping will replace Virtual Desktop. I assume that is what you mean with

But it has the same features… why Comodo develop another service that is much similar to Desktop? Also, in the link provided in the first post there is no mention about Desktop only Secure Shopping… so I see two options ahead:

  1. Virtual Desktop is now called Secure Shopping and it will be charged or;
  2. Desktop will be standalone system separate from CIS and CIS will get Secure Shopping that has features like auto detect shopping and bank web sites (I think this option is unlikely).

I do hope you right and all above is incorrect.

SecureShopping is different from Virtual Desktop. It has more technology applied according to: - YouTube

Virtual Desktop will be transformed into Secure Shopping

Virtual Browser will be transformed into Secure Browser

Ok… so Desktop “evolve” with new features and plus now called Secure Shopping… I cant see something or someone talks about two separate programs.