COMODO Secure Shopping DRIVER

after updating to fall creators update, explorer wouldnt launch on boot.
i uninstalled comodo in safemode but secure shopping gave me problems. huge problems.
it bsod my windows 10 when launching some games.
the bsod points to cmdcss.sys (check attachment)

what i tried

  • tried to install comodo cis/ secureshopping again but secureshopping crashes during installation. (the rest installs without problem)

  • ccleaner and delete invalid registry files

  • i tried Official Comodo Uninstaller v2.0.0.3 . did nothing. cmdcss.sys still in windows/system32/drivers/

  • tried using geekbuddy but without luck. after 3 hours or more and 3 different agents, they broke all keyboard inputs by deleting registry files related to secureshopping and cmdcss.sys driver.
    i had to use paint at first to communicate (lol) with them and then on screenkeyboard. i even had to use the onscreen keyboard to login.
    neither the laptops keyboard nor the external usb keyboard worked.
    finally they said to restore and here i am.

help? fast? i would like to play something during the holidays …

ok somehow i was able to correct the issue by installing using the installer in C:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\Temp\comodocss_temp_setup\css_installer.msi
and then uninstalling using the same app.

i still get the link in apps and features but without icon and if i try to click uninstall, it says it cant find the uninstaller.
but hey, at least its uninstalled, the cmdcss.sys driver is gone and i can play games again without bsod!