Comodo Secure Shopping and Opera

Why doesn’t Comodo Secure Shopping support Opera browser? I use Opera as my default browser, but even if I choose to open Secure Shopping in the default browser, it opens only in the old Internet Explorer which I hate.

I guess we can close this topic cause it seems nobody is interested in.

Hi Davidepi,

You can open IE, Firefox and Chrome within Secure Shopping. As a workaround, you can navigate to the Opera folder in Program Files and run Launcher which will run Opera Browser. I’m not 100% sure how to set the default within Secure Shopping but at least this is a way to launch Opera in the meantime. Might be an idea to submit it in the Wishlist board.

Hi Eric, I tried to open Opera from inside the secure shopping enviroment but it gives an error.
I will submit in the whishlist.

I can open Opera by navigating to the Launcher through Explorer, and it opens and works as fine . . … but setting as default browser merely open IE