Comodo Secure Email & Outlook issue after last update


I require some help with Comodo Secure Email.

First my configuration:

Windows XP Pro, SP3, 32-bit, Outlook 2007 (from Office 2007) accessing an IMAP server on my LAN. Running the same configuration on a second machine as well.

I did install CSE a about 4 weeks ago, registered for a certificate and got it up and running (no encryption, just signature) on both machines. Everything worked perfectly.

A few days ago I got a “pop-up” message from the CSE software that a newer version was available and the question whether I wanted to update. This I answered with “YES”.

The software download and installation worked perfectly well, from what was visible. I don’t write to many emails so I didn’t realize that something was wrong right away.

The issues I am experienced after the download are different on the 2 machines.

When writing and sending an email on the first machine, Outllok will not move the sent emails to the “sent items” folder, and Outlook crashes immediately after I hit the send button.
The emails are beeing signed and sent.

On the other machine I do get the crash of Outlook, but the emails are still beeing moved to the correct folder.

I have uninstalled CSE from the first machine, and now Outlook doesn’t crash anymore after sending and all emails are immediately moved to the correct folder.

Right now I would appreciate to be able to download the old version somewhere so that I can continue signing my emails, unless somebody can come up with some other advice or solution.

Thank you.

The Comodo web page for downloading free e-mail certificates has 3 links to instructions for setting up Outlook Express 5 and 6, Outlook 98 and 2000 and Outlook 2003 very near the bottom of the page. You don’t need SecureEmail to get, download, install and setup for the e-mail certificate function it just makes it easier. The web page with the links is: Take the link that matches your version of Outlook/Outlook Express. :■■■■

Thank you for your reply gtmikey.

Unfortunately you haven’t read either my configuration information or the page you gave me the link to. There is no version that matches my version of Outlook.

I run Outlook 2007 - and it worked fine with the CSE version (which I don’t know the version number to) I used to have. After a voluntary updated (after the software indicated that there was a new version) things have gone wrong for me. So I don’t expect help with the Outlook 2007 crashing due to the new version, but I would appreciate a link to an older version of the software which worked well for me.

Btw., I have uninstalled and re-installed CSE manually before I posted - still same result. (:NRD)


Did you read the Outlook 2003 instructions to see if they work for 2007 or are close enough you can figure ouhow to import certificates into 2007? The point is that, while CSE provides certain functions which are proprietary to CSE/Comodo such as one time use certificates, the fundamentals of using X.509 Certificates with the e-mail S/MIME protocol is an IETF standard and Outlook supports the standard. In other words, Comodo Certificates work just fine without the need for CSE at any point in a standard S/MIME environment. Outlook has its own Certificate store and the software to import certificates directly into that store. You will probably have to export those certificates from the CSE store, if you do not have a backup of them already, before you can import them to Outlook. The export function leaves the certificate(s) in the original store BTW so nothing is lost.

Hi bitcowboy,

We’ve looking into this issue now and will respond to you soon.
I hope we resolve this issue as soon as possible.
Currently we don’t have a link to previous version.

Can you describe, please, your mail accounts settings (for both: O2007 and Comodo SecureEmail (Ports tab of options))?

Regards, Eugene


could you please specify what additional information you require concerning “ports tab of options” and concerning my email account?

I was forced to uninstall CSE for the time beeing, because it gave me to mouch troubles - since than my Outlook clients works fine. I have imported my certificate into the appropriate Outlook functions and that seems to work fine.