Comodo Secure DNS

Earlier today I checked to see if I had Comodo Secure DNS enabled. I was surprised to see that I had not.
I entered Preferred 8,26,56,26 and Alternate 8,20,247,20. These I found on the Internet and in this forum. At that stage found it difficult to access Web server on certain sites, this almost on a random basis.
I then entered 156,154,70,22 and 156,154,71,72 which I found on my own computer. Everything perfect since then.
My question is did I do right or is there perhaps a newer set of numbers available ?.
My Version number is 5.10
Ta in advance

The and are part of the Beta DNS service. The and are the older but still used, original service. The recommendation, currently, is to use and However, a number of people have reported problems with the beta DNS system recently.