Comodo Secure DNS service test page?

I just enabled Comodo DNS service on a couple of XP computers.
How do I know that it is working?
I haven’t been able to find a test page anywhere.

Try testing this link:

It’s not supposed to be blocked. I complained about it weeks ago, but if you want to check your settings, it’s still being blocked by Comodo DNS!

Thank you for your response.
You’re right.
I finally realized after starting this thread that a good way of testing is to simply go to the Comodo Forum Report Blocked Sites You Believe Are Safe Here and try connecting to some of the more recent submissions.
I did get to see Comodo’s block page.

Risky… But worth it for a test I guess

If you have another suggestion, I’d like to hear it! :slight_smile:

Why you don’t use a simple command in the Command Prompt.
ipconfig /all
Then you can see the dns server that are currently active on the network interface that you are using, and compare the addres with the address that are provided by comodo dns system.

Does disregard & continue works? It doesn’t works here.


It hasn’t worked for me for quite some time now.

It has never worked here. Neither the integrated Dragon one nor the global one i.e changing the dns settings.

It use to work for you previously?

Than xx

Yes, it did, a long time ago…

OK. It never worked here. Like all other Comodo Products, they are excellent but they dont care for little things which may not be important from the point of security but are important to give that little touch, feel, etc to the products.


Great idea. Thank you. :-TU

As for the last 5 posts in this thread, they have nothing to do with whether or not Comodo Secure DNS service has a test page. :-TD

True, please people if you have questions create a new Thread, there is no need to do off topic in this one.

Any updates for this?

I tried putting Norton DNS as primary and Comodo DNS as alternate. Now I entered the first dns of the two, how do I know the two services are working? I’ve tested Norton DNS on their test page, it works, but Comodo dns has no test page (are they “lazy” >:-D) so I really don’t know about the Comodo now.

The alternate address is only going to come into play if searches on the primary server fail. In other words, this is likely not going to work as you are expecting.