Comodo secure DNS server questions


I use the secure DNS server of Comodo.
And I have some questions.

  1. The usage of comodo dns instead of the dns server of my ISP can decelerate of my net connection?
  2. How can test, that the comodo dns in my net connection work in effect-or not?
  3. Net connection-Property-I set up comodo dns for ipv4 connection. And the ipv6? The settings for ipv6 is unnecessary?
  4. Router settings. If I use router, and I set up the dns only in my PC, not in the setup menu of the router-the specific dns server setting will work?


  1. Usually the Comodo DNS servers are quickly to reply so I wouldn’t expect a performance drop.
  2. Go to Free Comodo Secure DNS | Best DNS Security Solution 2022 and go to Quick Link in the right lower corner
  3. You may want to consider to disable IPv6 as Comodo Firewall does not filter it yet
  4. When you set up Windows manually to use other DNS servers that will override the DNS servers set up in the router. Apparently you have enabled Comodo DNS upon installation; so now Windows will use them and not the ones provided by the router.