Comodo secure DNS page not found query

I am using Comodo secure DNS, I have followed the instructions from Comodo secure DNS webpage to set it up manually and it all seems to work fine.

When I visit a “page not found” I get the normal 404 error in my browser and I am not redirected to the Comodo search page. This contradicts what Comodo secure DNS FAQ says.

Is this normal? Are the FAQ in Comodo secure DNS site out of date?

we do not return "NX Domain" responses for domains that do not exist, but rather Comodo Secure DNS search page

404 means it’s there. The server domain, but the page is not available.

The other is for when the domain doesn’t exist or server down.


Thank you for explaining Bad Frogger,I was confused about the terms 404 page and page not found.

I have tested it again and Comodo DNS Secure works very well, I am now getting the standard Comodo “page not found” when the domain does not exist.

I am locking this thread because everything has been solved.