comodo secure dns is up now?

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On three of my pc’s this suddenly appeared - had to uninstall Download accelerator Plus as Comodo Secure DNS wouldn’t let me do anything. So I also stopped running Comodo Secure DNS as well. Was this caused by some technical issue at Comodo with their DNS servers?

Where on this site can I post issues about Secure DNS? Three Pc’s hung yesterday as the display screen for Secure DNS did not allow me to do anything as the dialog box displaying the options posted by the initial poster were not visible. Had to forcibly shut down the PC.s - now “uninstalled Comodo Secure DNS” until this can be resolved - but again there is nowhere to post issues on this site. Guidance on how to proceed would be helpful.


PS Should I post in CIS as that may get a response as not sure if anybody looks at this section very often.

I don’t understand that I get a warning of a searchengine Sure maybe they collect some search data, but who has the most phising data collect servers of the world? yep, GOOGLE. So why does it not block Google has the most advanced personal collecting system in the whole world. I use also web security guard to check the websites intensions and if it is OK. I have never been redirected to a phisingsite by alltheinternet.

Conclussion: I think a bit overreacting dns security that doesn’t make sense. Just have deleted the dns servers for my connection. ???

But I am very happy with comodo security, so keep up the great work and thanks

How about adding a wishlist?

I have a question on how to correctly setup my 2Wire router. This i what I see in my router’s Advanced settings:

Manually configure your DNS information:
Primary Server:
Secondary Server:
Domain Name:

I already put in the ip’s for the primary and secondary servers, but the 2Wire also requires a Domain Name in the 3rd field. It seems to work ok if I put as the Domain Name. Is this the best way or is there a specific Comodo Secure DNS domain name I should be using?

[size=10pt]Comodo Secure DNS is not working as advertised:[/size]

In the Norton DNS vs Comodo Secure DNS YouTube video shot on 18 Sep 2010, Norton DSN only missed a few malware websites while Comodo Secure DNS did not catch a single one. There seems to be no value in using Comodo Secure DNS at this time.

I’m back to using my ISP DSN servers.

if comodo’s dns serves is than you can you other :slight_smile: but comodo needs to improve that then