Comodo Secure DNS dissapoints me.

Although it seemed like a great idea in the beginning I think i will stick with my original DNS server, comodo secure DNS is good there is nothing wrong with it, except for the fact that it seems like it has a mind of its own, so to speak…
If comodo secure DNS does not feel like showing you a page it wont, I have gotten many errors saying the page does not exist using comodo secure DNS feature, and with comodo secure DNS disabled these sites become fully functional.
I think that if comodo is gonna provide a free DNS service they should allow the end user to view what ever content they want.

OpenDNS allows you to whitelist sites if you wish. I don’t feel Secure DNS (Actually UltraDNS) is very usable until (assuming it’s a future option) it adds some user control functionality.

OpenDNS is very flexible that way, while still blocking known malicious sites.