Comodo Secure DNS claims that is malicious website

So I noticed today that Comodo Secure DNS claims that is malicious website! Is this false positive or is there really some malicious links on ???

have you enabled the content filter?

I use Comodo Dragon and I have enabled section “Enable malware domain filtering (Comodo Secure DNS)” from settings. So I use Comodo Secure DNS only on Comodo Dragon.

This is being verified, i will get back to you shortly.


Can you confirm these results again? After querying each of our resolvers I was unable to find one that would give a response that would identify the zone as malicious.

Well with Comodo Dragon and Comodo Secure DNS, was once unreachable (Error 101 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET): Connection was terminated.) and otherwise it still gives similar warning message and pages which contains youtube videos load very slowly and there where should be the video is Comodos warning message. works just fine with Firefox and without Comodo Secure DNS.

The place where youtube video should be:

Same spot on Firefox:

Warning message (looks little bit different than the first one):

Dragon holds a long cache via a technology referred to as DNS pinning. You are likely holding a cache of a bad record and thus is why you are still seeing this and it’s not the same between your browsers. You can try restarting all of Dragon and then starting it again, this should remove the pinning cache.

Yep. Restarting Comodo Dragon removed that warning message. Thanks!

ya it happened to me when i used to use it :slight_smile: