COMODO Secuity Agent could not be started

I had some problems with my computer where it would not go into windows. I would get the BSOD when ever I tried booting up. I am running XP Pro 32 bit. I had to install some drivers for the mobo to solve the problem, but after that I was not able to load Comodo anti virus. I uninstalled it and downloaded and installed the lasted version with the same results.

I found this page downloaded the software and followed the instructions. The first software didn’t find any part of Comodo, but I ran the second one twice as was instructed. After that I reinstalled Comodo anti virus and got the same message.

Anyone know what the problem is??

Can you check with BlueScreenView and tell us what driver(s) are reported to be involved? Or post a screenshot?

I opened the program, but there was no data at all. Is there something I’m suppose to tell it? ???

I seem to be having a similar issue, only with a brand new PC!

I just got the new computer (windows 8.1) yesterday. I disabled the McAfee firewall and removed the spyware programs that came pre-installed. I installed Avast antivirus and Spybot search & destroy (I have used both programs successfully with Comodo before.) and then attempted to install Comodo firewall. The installer downloaded and executed with no issues. It downloaded the Chromodo browser and geek buddy applications and then asked to restart the computer in order to complete installation. I allowed it, but when the PC started back up it said “comodo security agent could not be started” instead of following through with the installation.

I attempted to remove everything comodo related in order to try re-installing. However, there were no comodo programs listed to be removed with the exception of Chromodo and Geek Buddy. I removed the browser and geek buddy and tried to run the installer once more. I got the same request to restart and the same message on restarting.

How do I get the installation to go through???

Please uninstall McAfee instead of just disabling it. Also run McAfee clean up tool to remove possible trace that got left behind by the uninstaller. Get it through ESET Knowledgebase .

I have seen CIS v7 and Spybot 2 not working together. It would seriously influence an i7 laptop. I suggest to also uninstall Spybot to have a clean starting point and then go from there.

Ah … hello?

I got a blue screen yesterday and I am getting a report, but I don’t see how to attach the file.

Hi spirittoo,
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Thank you for that information. So can anyone tell me why comoco will no longer work on my system? I have to have virus protection with XP as a OS. :-\

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The blue screen is not related to Comodo. It is caused a Windows system file called ntoskrnl.exe (also known as the kernel).

Can you post a screenshot of the message that you get? Is that when you install CAV?

I wouldn’t be so quick to say its not CIS, if CIS blocks access to for some components the nt kernel may detect it did not did the expected response in time and throw a fit.

The drive issue was unrelated to comodo … it was a new mobo and I didn’t install the drivers for the rev. board I had. It ran fine at first … but after a few weeks I started getting the BSOD and was unable to get into windows. Once I got that problem straighten out and was able to get into windows again the problem with comodo started. No matter what I tried I would get the message that the security agent not being able to start.

Since I can’t get an answer as to why comodo won’t start or why it cuts out my internet service when it is installed … can someone here recommend another good anti virus software.

Well sir … since I can’t get comodo to work anymore I am going back to zone alarm. I used it years ago, but like comodo it would not work properly, that’s when I switched to comodo … now zone alarm is working and I still have internet access so my problem is solved. Perhaps in another few years comodo will work again for me if zone alarm doesn’t once again. Thanks for reading my posts. ;D

Is it possible you have SUPERAntiSpyware on your machine? It recently caused problems with Comodo products for me and once I removed it, the programs installed and worked again.

The only thing I have is malwarebytes … and spyware blaster.

Do you run the free version of Malwarebytes or the paid version?

I have the free version … ;D