Comodo seciurity question

Hello guys!

I’m very sorry , if I write in wrong forum, but I want just to know;
I want use on demand antivirus with OA and D+, I want set D+ Setting’s to “block” all unknown action’s and use this option “block all unknown actions when D+ is just shut down.”

If I set all my trust app’s in D+, then I just can close antivirus, D+ , using only OA and being safe 1000% with once a week scan?

and little offtopic , if I can;

did comodo will release some skins to thier application’s? I feel that mobile skin is crazy badass…

Hello shinjiru, welcome to the Comodo forums.

What do you mean with OA? Do you mean Online Armour? What parts of Comodo suite are you using?

Setting D+ to block all unknown actions should help to keep you safe. When using “block all unknown actions when D+ is just shut down.” you may run into trouble with unknown programs starting with Windows. Use this setting with some caution and you will be fine.