Comodo Scored Well in PC mag's review in blocking

Comodo Av review by PCMAG:

Comodo’s motto is “keeping a PC clean,” and my testing shows that it definitely does that. However, its hyperactive defenses can also keep perfectly valid programs from installing or running properly if users respond incorrectly. It really is not at all suited for cleaning up infested test systems. If you feel capable of responding correctly to its popups you’ll get very good protection for a system that’s already clean. To be sure you have a clean system consider using a different free product; Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware is especially good at cleanup and would be a good supplement to Comodo Antivirus 5.0.

Very effective at keeping malware out of a clean system. Secure DNS option blocks dangerous sites. Sandbox technology prevents unknowns from doing harm. Includes behavior-based detection. Free

Sandbox technology can prevent valid programs from installing or running correctly. Many alarming and confusing popups. Mediocre malware detection and very poor cleanup on already-infested systems

Bottom Line:
Comodo promises to keep a clean PC clean, and it delivers on that promise. It does include a component to scan and clean infested systems, but this component doesn’t really work. Consider using a different free tool for cleanup, and be prepared to carefully peruse Comodo’s numerous popups.

(Source: Comodo Antivirus Review | PCMag )

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Regrettably, it scored poorly in other areas.

Yes. But if you install CIS on a clean system and if you are geek, then it will give you an ultimate protection for free!

This is the 3rd test in a very short amount of time where they mention “all those popups”.
I don’t get it, Comodo is very silent to me.

Are they talking about popups caused by the infections?
If it is, then i am just more confused, of course it should respond to malware.

I’m with Melih here. Keep it as clean as possible. If I ever had problem let through I would never trust my machine totally again without reformatting no matter what program I used to clean it. Kind regards to you all.

@Lasse88: I agree, they did a really good job with CIS 5. Before, you had to deal with tons of popup for no reason. The whitelist improved that greatly in CIS 5.

They tested it with virus, they will certainly have do deal with sandbox (nothing to do), D+ alert and AV alert, and maybe firewall alert.

There’s still a fair amount of popup when you have to deal with a virus, but it’s reassuring, you’re less likely to make a mistake now because of unjustified popups. If something popup in your face, you can pay attention to it. It wasn’t really the case with CIS 3, D+ wasn’t ready for prime time and I disabled it. But now it’s far better.

D+ worked just fine in version 3…

It sounds like your concern was with the popups. If you use a HIPS (like D+) you’re going to get popups. That is the nature of a HIPS.

With malware we fight back!
You will hear us Screaming…
you will hear us shouting…
you will hear us kicking…
you will hear us punching…

You will of course see a lot of popups if you have malware!!! :slight_smile:

That’s our job!!!

We won’t be silently allowing malware to infect your computer!

And for everyday use of your computer…we will sit pretty and quite and let you get on with your work while we keep your pc clean :wink:


And a mighty good job you are doing. With CIS V5 installed we browse with confidence.

Well… a silent automatic cleaning, if the threat is real, would be great :slight_smile:
Why would I want to click “allow” if it’s a malware?

So from this review what I understood is

Detection & Cleaning - AV detection needs to be improved irrespective of the millions signatures currently in the database. Cleaning needs to be improved. I agree both detection & cleaning needs to be improved. Detection will improve the usability more in a way.

Confusing Popups - I agree. Thats why I have asked a number of times that in the popups under security consideration the explanation should be little simple in the few options mode than in the more options mode.

Recommended Action on the Alert - I guess this will be solved or will be little easy to answer the popups in a more correct way when Threatcast is introduced again with new features, time to wait & watch what threatcast brings.


Collateral Damage

Out of twenty utilities, exactly six installed and ran correctly.

This was, is and will always be the main problem with CIS! It provides great protection but it breaks good applications too :frowning:

But common users do not install malware and utilities everyday, they mostly use the system as it is.

A user that indeed installs tons of software has the knowledge to answer the popups from Cis.

Exactly. I guess lots of users use a limited set of applications and will hardly if ever install programs themselves. With the latter they will hardly see those elevated privileges alerts.

The review is objective in the part of detection and cleaning that are really still mediocre in comodo av, but i don’t know how he managed to sandbox or corrupt the isntallation of so many programs and where he found them? I have around 15 programs on my computer and had no even one pop up or a sandbox message.
I use Steam, Xfire, TeamSpeak 3 Beta, Utorrent, ICQ 7, Auslogics Disc defrag, Auslogics registry cleaner, CCleaner, Alcohol 52%, Skype, Your Uninstaller, Ace Utilities, Hitman Pro, MBAM, Mumble, Hamachi, everest that is more than an average user will ever use and had only one pop up asking for Hitman pro, that’s it.

So i really don’t get what 20 programs he tried to install.

I must to correct myself that sandbox isolated 3 processes from my ati drivers. That’s waht i recall as some pop ups or sandboxing from CIS


The installation of these files got hosed because of the following:

All of the rest received a Defense+ warning immediately on initialization stating that the process had requested "unlimited access to your computer. In almost every case, it recommended sandboxing the installer,
It’s true that the user could choose to trust the utility instead of accepting the default action, but that’s not a decision that should be left to the user. Most users couldn’t distinguish a Trojan or scareware program from a legitimate utility just by looking.

The ones that are detected…thats whats done…but what to do with the ones not detected?
sliently allow them?


Ho… so CIS doesn’t detect some malware with AV and D+?

(I can play this game too :slight_smile: )

D+ alerts which say “WARNING!!! DANGEROUS STUFF HERE!!! ALLOW?”, that’s what I meant :slight_smile: