comodo scans

Good morning everyone i have cis 2012 in my machine and i have a doubt about a file that it is caught by cis scan everytime it makes a scan it keeps finding the same file over and over again, i send it to quarantine, but in the next scan he finds it again!.the file is this one.c:\windows\syswow64\mfc45.dll it says this file is medium risk
can someone please give me a help on this ! i would be very apreciated if someone knows anything about it thank you very much a good day to all!

Can you please upload the file in question here and post a link to the results?


the result was this syswow64mfc45.dll final result- Malware:Heur.Corrupt.PE thanks

This may be a false positive, but please locate the file and then upload it to the site. This way we can find out more information about the file in question.