Comodo scan crashes after 20 minutes of scanning

Hi all; I do hope some one can help this problem has bugged me for a while now. I start a manual scan of my computer and the scan crashes at the same file each time I run a scan, whole computer locks up can’t access any thing have to use the re-set button to re-start the computer. Any one know whats happening here. Thanks in anticipation.

Will It Be Possible For You To Let Us Know What File It Is And The Name Of It ?

Yes I think I can remember which file it is and where it is located the file is in a hidden folder on drive “M” and is called found.000 does this help any.

These Are The Files Created By The OS When The CHKDSK Runs On You System Due To Accidental Shutdown, Which Are Not Required. So I Would Suggest You To Delete These Files And Check With The Scanning. Meanwhile Let Try To Create The Issue On My System.

OK will do I will try scanning again after doing so.

Update Us The With The Results, If Possible

Hmm bit off a little more than I could chew there, could not delete that file, system crashed trying to do so. Upon restarting found that it had caused errors on the “M” drive, after completing repairs I decided to format the drive as there was nothing in particular that I wanted to keep. So reformat I did ran the scan I thought champion seems like problem had disappeared no such luck after 42 minutes of scanning crashed with a different file. EG K:/program files/auran/TS2009/local/hash-e4/con…/column.texture. Everything just stops responding can’t access anything at all. Now I can’t delete this file as it is one that gets used on a regular basis. What’s going on?

Do You Have Anyother Security Software’s Installed Other Than CIS ?

No only CIS

Whats The Version Of CIS ? If Its Not 3.9, Then Try To Install AFresh Copy Of Latest CIS Version. However Before That You Can Check With This

Version 3.9

Dep is set to just protecting windows files.

Not Sure What Would Be The Cause. Because The DEP Issues Had Been Fixed With CIS 3.9. If Possible You Can Make A Fresh Install Of CIS 3.9.95478.509 And Check

Yes did as you suggested and uninstalled CIS but did not reinstall instead I installed AVG problem solved scanned the whole computer no problem. There must be a serious flaw with the Comodo scanner. I will consider reinstalling if and when the problem is ironed out. Thanks for all your help. Tired of Comodo and all it’s problems.