Comodo says new update each time I reboot - UPDATED, AGAIN [RESOLVED]

Each time I turn on my laptop, Comodo says there’s an update available, so I click it, it seems to install, and the next time I turn on the laptop I go through the same, so clearly it’s not installing. Any idea why and how I can sort this out?

[Topic Closed: If issue returns PM an online mod to open]

I followed instuctions to uninstall comodo and all its folders + run ccleaner, reinstalled, rebooted, and now I get a message saying:

Could not load C:\Program Files\COMODO\Firewall\cfpres.dll . Please check if application installation folder has this file. Aborting application.

Hi BigL76,

Try to copy those files shown in error message window from c:\program files\comodo\firewall\repair folder to c:\program files\comodo\firewall folder.

Genius, pure genius :-TU

goodbrazer, although comodo works now I’ve gone back to the situation of it telling me there is an update each time I reboot. Anything else I can try?

What version of CFP?
Are you running Vista? If so, try to disable UAC and check again.
Admin or user account? In some cases update on user account fails (XP), don’t know if this issue affects Vista, though.

What are results?

As a temporarly workaround, uncheck automatically check for updates option under “Miscellaneous” tab.

EDIT: As 3.0.17 has been released, i suggest you to make clean install of new version. Maybe you’ll get rid of that issue.

Hi, it’s, running on Vista, admin account. Turning off UAC now, hope it helps.

When I rebooted it was 3.0.16.something, then manually searched for update, donwloaded, rebooted, no it’s Seems to be working fine, thanks.