COMODO says new network detected, but no new network

A COMODO box popped up in the background saying:
New Network Detected:
Your communication will be visible to other people.
Because you are using a public internet spot, …
It goes on to give me options to either “Secure communication with TrustConnect” or “Continue Unsecured.” However, I am at home on my home network as usual. The IP address COMODO shows is not my network’s address. I Googled the address (without the /17)and found something that said “Comment: This is the “link local” block. It was set aside for this special use in the Standards Track document, RFC 3927 and was further documented in the Best Current Practice RFC 5735, which can be found at: It is allocated for communication between hosts on a single link. Hosts obtain these addresses by auto-configuration, such as when a DHCP erver cannot be found. A router MUST NOT forward a packet with an IPv4 Link-Local source or destination address, irrespective of the router’s default route configuration or routes obtained from dynamic routing protocols. A router which receives a packet with an IPv4 Link-Local source or destination address MUST NOT forward the packet. This prevents forwarding of packets back onto the network segment from which they originated, or to any other segment.”
So what’s going on here? My modem and router were off for a while yesterday because the power was turned off; perhaps there’s a connection?

Getting an IP address in the 169 range means your computer does not see a DHCP server to get an IP address. Therefor Windows will give the network adapter an IP address in the 169 range.

In practice it means that the connection to your modem/router is not there. It could be a problem with the WiFi, ethernet cable not connected or broken…