Comodo saying apps are trying to connect to ports not forwarded.

Hey everyone, I have a really strange issue going on. I use Bittorrent and such things, and, when I set up the rules in Network and apply them, and then start those apps, Comodo tells me they are wanting to connect to ports I haven’t forwarded. For instance, let’s say I opened up port 49000 for my bittorent application, and I’ve set port 49000 to be used within the app also. When I open up the program, Comodo gives me “Program is trying to connect to the internet, port 6899”. That isn’t the exact port it says, but you get my drift.

Why on earth is it doing that? I have no router, just Comodo, and I set the port up in both the firewall and the application itself. If I don’t let it connect to said port, it won’t run, when it does connect, it runs poorly since of course the port it wants is closed. How the heck do I get around this? I never ahd that problem in the previous version of Comodo. Not knocking this version, because otherwise the firewall acts fine. has anybody had this happen to them? It leaves me feeling a bit unsecure plus I’d like my applications to run the way they need to.