comodo saved my ass and probably data

I dont have Real Time AV today clicked on prog.exe which was on desktop for weeks Comodo basic firewall pops with virus alert !!!i was amazed its just a basic firewall. cleaned virus and rebooted.scanned with eset online no virus found.

Defense+ has cloud features and behavior block :slight_smile:

thanks for your feedback, but use some a more proper language next time :-*

its not a behavior block

Languy said it has some properties of behavior block. Am I wrong?

yes it does, the online cloud AV and cloud Behavior Blocker is part of the D+ so just install the firewall you will actually get those with it.


behavior blocker

it’s nice to have CPU-zero cloud scanning on my firewall.
G DATA uses triple engine, so if you install CIS with it you have quad AV engines O0 O0 O0

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your screenshot does not show cloud detection.
This was detected by signature.
You can see cloud detection message in attachment.

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It’s AV cloud or behaviour blocker cloud? Because CIMA is behaviour blocker cloud.
Every AV popup which has link to CIMA is from cloud behaviour blocker, right?

That should be right…

I couldn’t find any cloud detection… lol