Comodo sandox fully x64?

I have a question regarding Comodo’s Sandbox/kiosk. I know that Sandboxie doesn’t really fully support x64 systems, So I wanted to know if this is also the case with Comodo’s sandbox/kiosk? Or does Comodo’s sandbox better support x64 systems?

Thanks in advance.

Comodo fully supports 64 bit operating systems. I am not aware of any real-world cases in which CIS is more vulnerable on x64 than x32.

Thanks for the fast reply Chiron.

Im assuming this is what the enhanced protection mode covers in the hips settings.

Yes, I believe it does. However, I do not know of any issues with the BB either.

Yes I know what the advanced protection does but I was specifically speaking about the sandbox. I.E running a web browser fully virtualized or in kiosk.

Correct me if im wrong but i believe comodo sandbox and sandboxie both have limitations due to the patchguard on 64bit systems.

Ahh yes that’s what I was asking. Thank you :slight_smile:

Yes, but for CIS I haven’t seen any issues which this has caused. By this I mean I haven’t heard of any reported leaks which Comodo has reported cannot be fixed.

Therefore, theoretically there are limitations, but I haven’t seen this affect the protection offered by the fully virtualized sandbox incorporated inside CIS.


Let me quote from the website Sandboxie,

Starting with version 4.02, Sandboxie is now fully compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Windows, and provides all protection. The Experimental Protection setting is no longer needed and was removed.