Comodo sandboxing many autostart programs

On my Windows7 64bit the sandbox every 2nd restart sandboxes all my programs into autostart. If I say (like I did many times before) "Do not sandbox" and "Do not ask again", CIS is not interested. After restart everything is fine. Next restart the sandbox goes wild again. If I put the sandboxed programs again into "my trusted applications" it says they already are in the list.

What can I do?

See my other post with screenshots here:;msg408131#msg408131

Your trusted vendor list may be corrupt. Please uninstall CIS and reinstall without importing any settings.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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I will try this.

Same as before new installation.

Please re-start the when re-start is complete, take a screenshot of your defense plus event logs, and post them.

It was previously felt that you had an infection. Have you treated it as suggested?

Many thanks

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For the moment it works fine.
Tomorrow the new board,cpu,ram will arrive and after a few tests I will tell u guys if that fixed the problem.



Ok, my brand new and lovely system works SO GREAT!!
Sry 4 that but i am soooo happy.

My problems with cis were defenetly ramproblems.
Thank you guys especially mouse.

Good to know. Many thanks for keeping us informed


Thats my job. Not just asking questions like many poeple do :wink: