Comodo Sandbox & Safe Files

From what I understand when you select the option on the sandbox alert that tells it to never sandbox this application it classifies it as a safe file. If you select the option to never sandbox applications by this publisher it adds the publisher to the trusted software vendors list.

What I am wondering is if the AV will still scan these files. I would hope it would so that if a user made a poor choice and trusted a malicious file the AV will still scan it and catch it in the future.

I’m not sure the way it currently works, but I believe that files and vendors verified as safe by Comodo should not be scanned, but if added as safe by the user they should. At least there should be an option not to scan these files.

Can you please clarify how this currently works.

I think the AV scans everything, whether it is on a trusted list or not. I think it should because formerly safe files can become infected. It is my impression that the trusted lists only apply to the Firewall and D+ and now, the sandbox, although currently the sandbox still will wrongly isolate some trusted files.