Comodo sandbox problem

Hey guys,

Long subscriber, first post :wink: I got a problem with the sandbox not allowing keyboard access to Windows Live messenger. I included this program to the sandbox to give it a boosted protection, but with this I can’t login. Is there a way to allow this? I currently can’t test the sandbox with other applications. Can you restrict programs like MS office and Internet explorer without losing their functionality?


BTW, security was set on the second lowest (I guess it was limited).

Sorry you are having problems.

Maybe restart it and see if it works then - Limited programs have a restricted execution time or cycles, as I understand it.

Otherwise try ‘unrestricted’ which still, despite its name, imposes some restrictions. You can see more details on which in the help file.

Others are having trouble with Windows live so worth monitoring these other traces to see if anyone happens on a diagnosis.

Worth realising that the focus of this release is automatic sandboxing - manual (ie on demand) sandboxing is less well developed as yet.

Best wishes